Friday, May 26, 2006

Chroma at Borders Charing X

Chroma event at Borders Charing Cross yesterday evening. Excellent turnout despite the warm sunshine (where has the sun gone now?). Drew Payne, Andra Simons, Aoife Mannix, Tim Robertson, and Maria Mojo read. Maria managed to Marilyn-whisper the word cunt about 5 times in 3 minutes: a first for this bookshop, I'm sure. It was wonderful to hear such loud queer voices in a space, and to hear the lovely Stuart announce the event over the loudspeakers around the shop, saying the words Chroma: Queer Literary Journal several times. But mainly it's hearing people read work they love that's exciting.

More interviews today for the post of Translations Co-ordinator for next year's Translations Issue, where we plan to fill Chroma with the work of queer writers working in other languages. Wacth this space.


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