Thursday, June 14, 2007

Review: Mark Stone: Secret Agent by Marc Holland

Marc Holland
Mark Stone: Secret Agent

Published by STARbooks Press

Reviewed by J. DeMarco

If you like a lot of plot, a lot of action, and a lot of sex – this international spy romp is for you. Mark Stone, hunky secret agent, is enjoying a respite from saving the world. At a chalet in Switzerland, in the midst of an encounter with a sexy chalet attendant, he gets a call instructing him to get to Madrid immediately. Never ignoring the call to duty, Stone sets out in an Alpine blizzard only to encounter two researchers in a mountain cabin – isolated, horny, and just waiting for someone like Stone to come along. Well, Stone reasons, he might as well spend the night before pushing on – and so he does. But it isn’t sleep that he gets.

Next he finds himself in Madrid where he learns his mission – to stop the Crimson Army, a terrorist group, and bag it’s shadowy leader Caligula. On to Paris where he confronts Crimson Army operatives who are almost as interested in him as they are in blowing things up. Wherever he goes, the intrepid secret agent is never without a man to keep him company. And more often it’s several men who entangle themselves in his bedsheet intrigues. After a while in gay Paris, Stone flies off to St. Lucia in the West Indies where he cuts a sexual swath. Rio is next and we all know the kinds of men to be found there. Anxious to complete his mission and return to his much needed vacation, Stone once more saves the day. Job done, Stone makes his way back to the same Swiss chalet and as soon as he arrives the very same blond and sexy attendant finds his way into Stone’s arms beneath a down-feather duvet where they find ways to heat up the cold Alpine air.

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