Sunday, February 17, 2008

Review: Summer Flings: Best Lesbian Love Stories

Edited by Simone Thorne
Summer Flings: Best Lesbian Love Stories

Published by Alyson Books

Reviewed by Kay Sexton

This is a collection of stories as light as candy floss and probably as nutritious, but why not? It’s a perfect beach read for the summer, which is clearly its intention, and it’s about time that fluffy reading was easily available for the gal on the sand. Over twenty short and sweet stories, each one with a more or less happy ending, will allow you to toast your body without straining your mind, and if feel-good fiction is what you crave, this book delivers it in spades. The outstanding story for this reader was “Warm Hands” by Cheyenne Blue, which offered a nice level of conflict and two rounded and attractive characters, before delivering the requisite ‘happy ever after’, but “No Bones About It” by Jessica Newhouse was a lot of fun too, and Barbara Bristol’s “A Taste of Honey” and “The Touch of Cyn” is a perfect wish-fulfilment fantasy set at a women-only music festival.

Buy it for your holiday and feel no guilt; the heavy literature can wait until the autumn!

Kay Sexton is a fiction writer, editor and freelance journalist: she blogs about writing fiction here and has a regular column here.



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