Monday, August 21, 2006

Review: Blood Moon's Guide to Gay and Lesbian Film

Darwin Porter and Danforth Prince. Blood Moon’s Guide to Gay and Lesbian Film
Published by Blood Moon Productions
Reviewed by James Dufficy

The laddish film mag, Hot Dog, accused Blood Moon’s guide of being obsessed with “the size of Heath Ledger’s penis” - and then only gave it two stars?!

Still, there are more than 20 pages devoted to Brokeback Mountain, Porter and Prince's choice for Best Picture. Didn’t think much of it myself, but I did like the music. I prefer my westerns camp (a la Sergio Leone) rather than gay. There are some good quotes about the film, though, from Nathan Lane’s “Get a room!” to a Frank Rich eulogy “A John Ford epic”.

In an essay on The Aviator, Howard Hughes is outed, with claims he bedded James Dean, Randolph Scott, and Cary Grant. But no bedding of gay men for Joan Crawford: “I ADORE homosexuals, but not in my bed after midnight”.

At the very end, there's “Blood Moon’s Triptych of Hollywood’s Hottest Hunks” which works on a steep evolutionary curve: from Neanderthal (Colin Farrell), through Homo sapiens (Jake Gyllenhall), to the Godhead (Heath Ledger).

Blood Moon will never replace Halliwell’s (the true gay film bible), but it would make a fabulous christening gift.

James Dufficy lives in London. His poems has appeared in Ambit and the Gay and Lesbian Review.



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