Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Review: Nailing Frank

Paul Mann. Nailing Frank
Published by Paradise Press
Reviewed by Donald McKinney

Want to know more about sailors? From the cover picture of the author in the Indian Ocean to the crew of characters aboard the novel, Nailing Frank will tell you a lot about being at sea. Unfortunately, this is also true of the plot.

Paul Mann’s third novel is an entertaining read. It is one of those annoying books that you enjoy, but you’re not sure why. Jacob, the protagonist, is not an attractive character, he is a gentle man with a ruthless side, though we don’t learn how he comes to be a steward or how he acquires his knowledge of the seedier aspects of life. He has been ripped off and seeks revenge. Sort of. The plot is unconvincing and unnecessarily complex with its drug smuggling and manipulative fat old queens in various ports and on sundry ships. Jacob does get to sleep with various swarthy chaps, though, but eventually plumps for the boring guy. As you would!

Despite all that, I did enjoy Nailing Frank, and would read more by Paul Mann. So seek this book out, shiver your timbers and tot your rum!

Donald McKinney lives with his partner in East Lothian in Scotland. He is an author of two books on Celtic spirituality.



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