Thursday, August 03, 2006

Review: Michel LeCroix's Alex in Wonderland

Michel LeCroix. Alex in Wonderland
Published by Harrington Park Press
Reviewed by Pete Halliwell

This is a far-fetched tale of deceit, duplicity and coming-out set against a backdrop of wealthy New Orleans. Spoilt, good-looking and gay, Alex is the only child of oil baron Randolph Sumner. Betrothed to Camilla, Alex is desperate for a way out of both the closet and the impending business-deal marriage.

His attempts to extricate himself take the reader on a roller-coaster ride across America (some of it in bad drag) from New Orleans’ Garden District and French Quarter to the strands of Key West and back again. Along the way we meet, amongst other characters, Jolie (queen, confidant and saviour), Cord (Prince Charming and the only truly sympathetic character in the book) and a couple of aristocratic French lipstick lesbians.

The writing and plot are completely over the top but, like Cord when he meets up with Alex towards the end of the novel and listens to his fantastical tale, I was entertained despite myself. Take it to the beach!!

Pete Halliwell was born in Lancashire but now lives in Leicester. He is a Critical Care nurse and a writer.


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