Thursday, August 03, 2006

Review: Rachel Kramer Bussel's (ed) First-Timers

Rachel Kramer Bussel (ed). First-Timers
Published by Alyson

Reviewed by Emily Moreton

Do you remember your first time with a girl? First kiss, first online affair or just the first girl who really made you glad you were queer? Whatever it was, it’s in Bussel’s collection of first time stories.

Billed as “100% true and 110% hot,” the collection of 31 stories of lesbian first times has something for all of us, each story an explicit, funny, sweet and most of all, hot new experience. All right, some of the stories could stand a little polishing, but even these are a pleasure – in all senses of the word – to read. And the rest of them, from the editor’s tale of her first time with a tough law school dyke to Radclyffe’s experience of love and lust, internet-style – someone get me a glass of ice water, and tell me where I can find girls like this!

First-Timers is new encounters without the awkwardness, the fumbling and the, let’s face it, downright clumsy stuff the rest of us go through. More based on true stories than literally true, I think, it’s still a great fantasy for a weekend lie-in with your girl… or for tips on what to do with her when you find her.

Emily Moreton is an education graduate and aspiring to make a living as a writer. Her short story appears in Chroma, Issue 3.


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