Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Review: Beyond Machu by William Maltese

William Maltese
Beyond Machu

Published by Southern Tier Editions

Reviewed by Paul Thomas

A gay travel writer finds love and adventure in the jungles of SouthAmerica.

Many a gay man has wondered if his hot sex entertainment could have a little more plot going on alongside the grunting and groaning. William Maltese’s Beyond Machu could be just the ticket for those looking for drama as well as man to man action. Travel writer Dan Green is in Peru to take in the sights and serve them up enticingly to his LA readers. Green gets more than he bargained for when he stumbles across the chiseled handsome features of Sloane Hendricks, a man of mystery on a mission to avenge the family reputation. Man eating jaguars and piranhas are but small beer compared to the quest for love, sex and honour, which never runs smooth in the jungle. Rare Incan artifacts, lost cities and travels off the beaten trail are depicted skillfully, giving a sense that Maltese has indeed spent time in Peru.

Drawing on his background as a writer of Harlequin hetero romances, Maltese has carved out a tale of simmering lust and thwarted emotions in an intensely male world. The one jarring note is the detailed language given to abuse a secondary character. This is offered in a titillating way that makes for uncomfortable reading. Those wishing to skip these passages can do so as they are printed in bold and not reading them in no way detracts from the story. Other than that, Beyond Machu is an arousing and diverting novel combining male romance, sex in the jungle and adventure in a way that redefines hot and bothered. Beyond Machu is available now in softback.

Paul Thomas is a writer and trainer. Until recently he was also a therapist, though he is devoting more of his time to writing at the moment. He has contributed to various publications, both on and off line and can be contacted via



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